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Print Options

  • Luster Finish - Has a light matte texture and is non-reflective.  Luster produces rich true-to-life colors.


  • Pearl Finish - Sometimes called metallic, is a glossy print that is lightly infused with mica crystals, the same mineral that is used in pearl automotive paint.  Mica gives the image an extraordinary iridescent quality.  The pearl process not only adds dimension to an image, but it is used to add longevity and durability to the colors.  Pearl is widely used for high-end display purposes with landscape and cityscape photography.


  • Acrylic - The image is printed directly to optically clear, digital grade hard acrylic for a modern sleek looking wall art. The acrylic reflects light within the photo to add intensity to the colors.  Acrylic prints come ready to hang.

  • Metal - The image is infused onto a sturdy aluminum panel to portray a very modern and sleek design. Because of the reflective nature of aluminum, the rich colors make the image pop with an outstanding luminous quality.  Metal prints are moisture proof and extremely durable. Metal prints come ready to hang.

  • Canvas - Classic museum gallery style wall art.  The material medium is a semi-gloss canvas, edge wrapped around a 1 1/2 inch wood frame.  Canvas prints come ready to hang.

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